Episode 049: Spygate 2.0 – The Warriors Turn to the Darkside Continues

The Saga of Michael Crabtree, Aqib Talib, and the Chain

Did the Warriors Spy on their Fans?

Formula 1 Esports > Formula 1?

The NFL Tried to Pay Hush Money to End the Protests

Conor McGregor Has a Bounty on His Head Now

Front-office Shenanigans in Memphis


Episode 048: NBA Sticking It Down Mexico Way

Braves Scandal

Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty, Sexual Abuse/Harassment Scandals in Sports

League of Legends Offseason Chaos

NBA to Open Academy in Mexico City

FIBA World Cup Qualifying Has Started and Won’t Include the World’s Best Players


Episode 047: Skycam Kicks Off, and Kickers Get No Attention

The “Dumbest Rule in Football” Strikes Again

Michael Vick Settles His Debt

Tekken World Tour Finals

Roger Federer Surpasses Tiger Woods in Career Prize Money

Why Aren’t More Teams Coaching Kickers?

Mixed Responses to the NFL’s Thursday Night Skycam


Episode 046: Conor McGregor Needs a Time Out

Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

How Eric Bledsoe engineered his own trade over Twitter

Dragon wins ELEAGUE Injustice 2 World Championship

Conor McGregor causes a ruckus at Bellator

Kings set a strange record


Episode 045: GSP in NYC, back in UFC Making History

Georges St-Pierre is a champion again

LOL franchising and esports news

Yuli Gurriel suspended 5 games next season for racist gesture

AJ McCarron files grievance against Bengals

HS Field Hockey team loses tournament spot over prank


Episode 044: Scandals, Suspensions and Smash

USMNT fails to qualify for the 2018 World Cup

NCAA Basketball Scandal Follow-Up

ESPN suspends Jemele Hill

The Chargers are a mess but still might be profitable

Bomb scare at Smash tournament


Episode 043: Protests and the Process

Massive NCAA Basketball Bribery Scandal

Possible CTE diagnoses for living patients

Widespread Demonstrations During Anthem

Draft Lottery Reform

When Match Fixing Goes Wrong


Episode 042: Tony Romo is not a psychic!

Alvarez vs Golovkin ends in a controversial draw

Kevin Durant gets caught using fake social media accounts to argue with fans

Another foul ball injury prompts calls for more netting

Usual football safety concern segment

Stop calling Tony Romo a psychic


Episode 041: Nobody Wants Brock Osweiler

The Justin Verlander era ends in Detroit

Backtracking on Esports in the Olympics

ESPN College Football Analyst Quits over Concussions

Quick NBA follow-ups

A new company is letting fans rent jerseys instead of buying them

Brock Osweiler back with the Broncos


Episode 040: Isaiah Thomas Will Remember That

Kyrie Irving Trade

The NBA Can’t Enforce its own Tampering Rules

Jon Jones Tests Positive Again

The Strange Saga of Rally Cat