Episode 056: Red Stripe, Hooray for the Winter Olympics!

What’s up with Markelle Fultz?

AJ McCarron won his grievance case

Sebastian Janikowski is no longer a Raider

Snowboarder wins Skiing gold

Women’s Olympic slopestyle final held in high winds

How Jamaica got their bobsled back


Episode 055: Super Bowl Wrap-Up, Winter Olympic Ramp-Up

Super Bowl

NFL Fallout

Winter Olympic Rundown

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite left out of EVO and Capcom Pro Tour

Wild NBA Trade Deadline

Yu Darvish signs with the Cubs ending weird MLB free agency standstill


Episode 054: The XFL is the only league without eSports…for now.

The XFL Is Coming Back

The NBA Outlines their Plan for Legalized Gambling

Larry Nassar Trial Fallout

NFL and NHL Announce Esports Leagues

The Controversy around the NBA All Star Draft


Episode 053: The eSports Money Bubble Continues to Grow

Overwatch League First Thoughts

Wild NFL Finish and Betting Line Cover Fail

The NFL Spun Ryan Shazier into an Inspirational Story

The Golden Knights Are the Best Expansion Team Ever

How news of a locker-room confrontation got so overblown

Tournament org Rivalcade sells three franchise spots at $1 million each


Episode 052: Gruden? Fine. Bengals? Fine. Patriots? Everything’s Fine. This is fine.

Jon Gruden’s Massive Contract

Are the Patriots Imploding?

We were wrong. Marvin Lewis re-signs with the Bengals.

Donation Train Continues


Episode 051: Cleveland Browns Historic “Accomplishment”, Big Baller Basketball, and OG CSGOs

Brownswatch 2017

The NFL is no longer a passing league

Jadaveon Clowney turns trash into treasure

Todd Gurley’s fantasy beneficiaries paying it forward

LaVar Ball wants to start a new league

The Oldest Esports Team


Episode 050: Twitch Plays Football

Quick thanks for 50 episodes

Russia Banned from 2018 Olympics

Giancarlo Stanton Trade

NBA and NFL broadcasting on Twitch

A Fan-Controlled Football League?

Marvin Lewis leaving the Bengals

A Strange Drug Test Excuse


Episode 049: Spygate 2.0 – The Warriors Turn to the Darkside Continues

The Saga of Michael Crabtree, Aqib Talib, and the Chain

Did the Warriors Spy on their Fans?

Formula 1 Esports > Formula 1?

The NFL Tried to Pay Hush Money to End the Protests

Conor McGregor Has a Bounty on His Head Now

Front-office Shenanigans in Memphis


Episode 048: NBA Sticking It Down Mexico Way

Braves Scandal

Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty, Sexual Abuse/Harassment Scandals in Sports

League of Legends Offseason Chaos

NBA to Open Academy in Mexico City

FIBA World Cup Qualifying Has Started and Won’t Include the World’s Best Players


Episode 047: Skycam Kicks Off, and Kickers Get No Attention

The “Dumbest Rule in Football” Strikes Again

Michael Vick Settles His Debt

Tekken World Tour Finals

Roger Federer Surpasses Tiger Woods in Career Prize Money

Why Aren’t More Teams Coaching Kickers?

Mixed Responses to the NFL’s Thursday Night Skycam