Alpha 4

Fantasy Football Update

Kaz beat jveezy after jveezy’s kicker failed to get two points in a Monday night game.

Athlete Activism

14 year old GK Freyja Reed kicked off her team for speaking out against her team’s sponsor

University of Missouri Protests

University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe stepped down as faculty threatened to walk out and the school’s football team went on strike in a show of support for students who say he’s done too little to combat racism on Mizzou’s campus.

Silly Stuff

Ray Ray Armstrong investigated for taunting K-9 dogs

Aqib Talib suspended 1 game for poking Dwayne Allen in the eye

Chinese announcer fired for falling asleep in the middle of a match

Thursday Night Football indistinguishable for red-green color-blind people–green-jets-uniforms-021653681.html

Teaser for Next Week

Gambling and Daily Fantasy Sports

Alpha 3

That’s Interesting (Cordcutting, sports, TV deals)

ESPN is in trouble

That’s Racist (Confirmed this time)

That’s Stupid (Athlete Edition)

Julius Njogu

Sammy Watkins

Austin Rivers

That’s Stupid (Fan Edition)

A sad Ravens fan ate 6 purple crayons because his team lost that many games

That’s Petty

Trabzonspor lock referee in after Gaziantepspor draw

Teaser for Next Week

Sponsorships and the responsibilities involved

Alpha 2

That’s Racist?

Thabo Sefolosha plans to sue the NYPD for $50 million for police-inflicted injuries

Bucks’ John Henson says ‘discriminatory’ jewelry store locked him out and called the cops

That’s Weird (Athlete Motivation Edition)

Jimmy Butler hates looking back so much he literally took the rearview mirrors off his car

Dwyane Wade gives advice to his younger self in creepy #TBT Instagram post

Other Examples of Weird Motivation Tactics

That’s Lame (Leagues pooping on parades)

MLB wants to end the extremely fun practice of teams spraying fans with champagne

Cameron Heyward pays tribute to his dad again, despite previous fine

Key and Peele donated to Von Miller’s charity after NFL fined him for thrust dance

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That’s Interesting

That’s Violent

That’s Nice

That’s Unfortunate

That’s Petty