Episode 026: The NFL Gets The Jump on New Rules

UConn Lost

The Lakers’ Civil War Is Over

NFL Rule Changes

US Women’s Hockey Boycott Is Over

The Olympics Are Finally Going to Be Broadcasted Live in the US

An absurdly comprehensive analysis of two nearly-statistically-identical MLB games from two different eras to find out why modern games are taking longer

Chad Johnson Is Joining Mexico’s American Football League


Episode 025: It’s the NBA Peanut Butter (and) Jam!

NCAA Tournament Recap and General Thoughts

LaVar Ball Still Hasn’t Shut Up

England tries to get more women involved in soccer

US Women’s Hockey boycott

The PB&J Epidemic in the NBA

Tom Brady’s Jersey Finally Found


Episode 024: Can the Cleveland Browns Complete The Process

More on the Lakers Soap Opera

Texas dump Osweiler to Browns (possibly an NBA-style sign and trade?)

Shenanigans in Washington

FC Barcelona completes greatest comeback in Champions League history

Gilbert Arenas takes on the “Rings” argument in sports after Shaquille O’Neal dismisses Kevin Durant


Episode 023: The Wheels on the Buss Have Fallen Off!

NFL looking to streamline their video review process

Video review potentially coming to soccer

Crystal Palace FC fans vandalize their own team bus by accident

Lakers (Possible) Civil War

Jose Calderon’s Wild Ride

Follow up: Holly Holm’s Appeal Denied

GSP is Back

NCAA suspends Richmond baseball players for Fantasy Football

Marathon investigator

Mascot mishaps


Episode 022: Don’t Blame it on the Boogie

MLB Changing Intentional Walk Procedure

Jveezy rants about the DeMarcus Cousins trade

Lakers’ Executive Shakeup

NBA Forming eSports League

Wayne Shaw Pie Fiasco

Ole-Miss football self-imposed postseason ban

Neymar transfer corruption case

Draymond tried to kick another dude


Episode 021: Gatorade, Kyrie Irving’s Truth, and Mardi Gras. The NBA 2017 Renaissance

Holly Holm appealing UFC 208 loss

UConn Surpasses 100 Straight Wins

The NCAA is revisiting how they pick tournament teams

Adam Silver acknowledges that the age limit issue needs to be studied more

The NBA joining the NFL in warning Texas about Transgender Bathroom Bill

How has the NBA’s smallest player become the league’s most feared 4th quarter scorer

Introducing the NBA G-League


Episode 020: Sports Take Too Damn Long!

State senate proposal would end disability benefits for pro athletes at 35

Bills named Responsibility Bowl Winners

NFL wants to streamline games

Jeffrey Loria is Finally Leaving Baseball

The NBA Wants Teams’ Social Media Accounts to Back Off

Draymond Green Records a Historic Triple Double


Episode 019: Mark Cuban Flings Poo and Two New Leagues For You!

NFL Teams Are Moving

Tom Brady’s Agent Is Starting a Football League

Ice Cube Started a Basketball League

NBA Referees Association vs Mark Cuban

Yelling at Refs Works

Devin Hester Retiring

Rajon Rondo Benched on His Own Bobblehead Night


Episode 018: Coach K’s Medical Leave; Grayson Allen’s Douchebag Leave

Quick recaps on recent events

  • Ronda Rousey lost

NBA Scoring Explosion

Zaza Pachulia is again one of the top NBA All Star Vote Getters

Reggie Bush Ran Backwards This Season

  • (Sports Illustrated)

Roster Shakeups in FGC

Grayson Allen is Back Already

  • (Washington Post)

Torrey Smith Played with a Player He Didn’t Know

Upcoming Calendar: Alabama thinks they’re the underdogs vs Clemson in the National Championship game


Episode 017: The San Antonio Spurs’ KawhIsolation Problem

Two college football stars are skipping bowl games

The NFL is adding a skills competition to the 2017 Pro Bowl

The strange phenomenon of Kawhisland

Grayson Allen is college basketball’s Draymond Green

Channing Frye was caught editing his own Wikipedia Page

DeMarcus Cousins went Full Boogie last week

Brownswatch 2016 is Over