Episode 013: Robots Don’t Ask for Pay in College

Quick Update on the Browns

The Patriots Traded one of their Best Players to the Browns Midseason

New Ben Simmons Documentary Mocks the One and Done Rule the NBA Has

Mark Cuban revoked (then later restored) all ESPN credentials

Arizona State University has created a robot that can teach itself how to shoot a ball

First Game-Winning Blocked Extra Point Return in NFL History (in controversial fashion)


Episode 012: No Stuffed Animals Were Harmed – Only Kevin Durant’s Ego

Update on the Cleveland Browns

Petition to replace Joe Buck

Follow-up on Trevor Bauer

Youth Football: Men against Boys

Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer is not a Stuffed Animal Mass Murderer

Kevin Durant is really angry

White Players in the NBA


Episode 011: The NBA Literal Kickoff

Follow Up: Trevor Bauer Leaves Monday Night Start Early

Bill Belichick Is Done with Surface Tablets

Cavs Championship Celebrations

VR NBA Games

NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Close

Follow Up: Draymond Green Kicked a Dude Again


Episode 010: The Odds and Ends Tecmo Bowl Challenge

Chinanu Onuaku shot underhanded free throws

Old Running Backs getting new life

Hockey Rink Invasion

Drone Accident Derails ALCS Plans

Nick Kyrgios phoned in a match

The Cleveland Browns Quarterback Carousel Continues

The Browns and Eagles Mocked the New NFL GIF Rules


Episode 009: NFL – Nonstop Flubs Lately

E-Sports Teams Selling Like Hotcakes

Underclassmen in NFL Draft

The Phantom Fumble

NFL Cracking Down on “Moving Content”

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties


Episode 008: DNP-Dropped Balls

The Rise of Rest in the NBA

How do we expect our sports teams to act on social media?

LA Sparks forward and MVP favorite Nneka Ogwumike just had the most efficient shooting season in the history of professional basketball

NBA Rule Emphasis for Next Season: Groin Hits and Traveling

Why do people keep dropping the football before the end zone?

Adrian Peterson’s injury revealed a big design flaw in the Vikings’ new stadium


Episode 007: Carolina, Concussions, with Kevin Harlan on the call!

Kevin Harlan with the Radio Call of the Year

NFL Announces New Concussion Initiative

NFL Rule Change Backfiring?

Can the Concussion Protocol Be Exploited as a Strategy?

NCAA Moves Championship Events from North Carolina for 2016-17 due to Anti-LGBT Laws

Wearable Technology in Sports and Who Owns the Data?


Episode 006: Sentencing, Solo, and School Supplies

Quick Recap: More Anthem Stuff

Hope Solo accuses US Soccer

Charitable Athletes

Biased Justice

School Supply Suspension

Some NFL Teams Are Implementing Rugby-Style Tackling


Theme music from OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org): Super Dodge Ball “Friendly Fire” by Level 99 and WillRock

Episode 005: Take a Knee against Injustice

Technology and Sports

Chargers Finally Signed Joey Bosa

More Kaepernick

Deer Tackles Triathlete


Theme music from OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org): Super Dodge Ball “Friendly Fire” by Level 99 and WillRock

Episode 004: Football, Fantasy, and Free Agency

Minor Leaguer Breaks His Own Windshield with Grand Slam

Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Controversy

Daily Fantasy Sports

Free Agency from a Player’s Perspective

Joey Bosa Contract Situation


Theme music from OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org): Super Dodge Ball “Friendly Fire” by Level 99 and WillRock