Episode 039: Justin Britt and Chris Long Understand Bad Optics

Esports in the Olympics?

Youth Softball Team Disqualified from Finals for Social Media Post

Expensive High School Football Stadia

Anthem Protests Continue with White Players Joining In

ESPN Apologizes for Fantasy Football Auction Draft Sketch for Resembling a Slave Auction


Episode 038: ESPN8: The Ocho is really a thing!

Kyrie still hasn’t been traded

Largest transaction in soccer history

Steve Bartman Got a Championship Ring

The NFL Launches NFL Pride

The NFL Is Softening its Stance on Marijuana

The Ocho Is Real (for a day)


Episode 037: Jon Urschel’s Beautiful Mind

New CTE study

Lucky Whitehead’s awful week

Kevin Harvick’s spotter was kicked out for a sandwich

13 Chinese Soccer clubs at risk for expulsion

Adrian Beltre ejected while on-deck

Aaron Judge gets injured during a walk-off home run celebration


Episode 036: Sports Improve as Older People Die Off

EVO Discussion

The Cavs Are Imploding

Meanwhile the Warriors Want 30-Year Commitments for Season Tickets

Colin Kaepernick Still Isn’t Signed

Washington Botched the Kirk Cousins Situation

NFL Fan Acceptance of Open Homosexuality Is Increasing

Jozy Altidore Faces Unusual Defense Tactics


Episode 035: Katy Perry’s Booty Hole Has A Leak!

Overwatch League has first 7 teams

Roger Federer Wins Wimbledon for the 8th Time

NBA Rule Changes

Boston Teenagers Discovered the TD Garden’s Owners Never Held Promised Fundraisers from their Arena Deal

Two Redditors Broke News of a Baseball Trade


Episode 034: In the Year 17776, Sports Betting Will Still Be Illegal

US Supreme Court to review ban on sports betting in New Jersey

Sexism keeping women from coaching soccer

New flag football league starring former NFL Players launched

Big 3 Basketball launch had some ups and downs

Average age of viewers for all sports is going up

NBA Free Agency Shenanigans

NBA Summer League overreaction



Episode 033: The NBA has lost its mind

Ref shortage in youth sports

The NCAA is trying to force a student athlete off of Youtube

The Mayweather McGregor fight is actually happening

IFAB considering radical changes to soccer timing

The NBA offseason has been more exciting than the playoffs


Episode 032: eSports Extravaganza

College eSports taking off

North American LCS Franchising

How Nashville Embraced Hockey and Vice Versa

New Olympic Events for 2020

Mike Brown is getting paid by both teams in the NBA Finals

Princess Blows Out Prime Minister’s Ears with Starter Pistol


Episode 031: Blizzard’s Big League, NBA’s Rigged League?

NBA Draft Lottery Post-Mortem

Enes Kanter detained in Romania then released

All-NBA Votes Decide Salary and free agency

Overwatch League

Controversial boxing match ends with sucker punch from trainer

Broncos season ticket holders are being weeded out

Cyclist blows lead by celebrating early


Episode 030: Playoff JaVale > Playoff LeBron??

We Almost Saw a 2 Hour Marathon Run

Christian Coleman kills John Ross’s claim that he could beat Usain Bolt in a 40 yard dash

The growing problem of racism in soccer

The resurrection of JaVale McGee

Is Playoff LeBron Really a Thing?

The Portland Trail Blazers gave their entire playoff bonus to staffers

Eddie Lacy said goodbye to Packers fans with a garage sale.